Friday, August 2, 2013

Griffin's Elmo Extravaganza

We had Griffin's 2nd Birthday party a few weeks ago, and it was such a blast!! We chose Elmo as the theme, because our boy absolutely loves him some Elmo. Gammy Becky really outdid herself (with the help of Gary and Cameron) on the decorations, and made this party look like it came straight off of pinterest! We ended up moving the party to our church a few days before due to weather, and I am so glad we did. Here are the details:
The food area

 Garebear made the street sign! 

 Cupcake cakes were from Sam's. 

 Seriously, look how amazing! They made these from scratch. 
 Got to use our church's bounce house and it was a huge hit. 
 Gammy Becky made a cookie toss! So fun and cute!
 Oscar's tattoo parlor. 
 Favor Bags. I am not a believer in favor bags really, bc I just think my kid doesnt have to leave your party with a gift you know? But Becky saw these online and wanted to make them too, so she got all the stuff to put in them! haha! They turned out awesome!!! 
I made the Elmo visors. It was the one thing I saw on Pinterest and figured I could do. lol

 How cute is that shirt??!!! Mama Susan had it made for him. Isnt she sweet?

 He loved people singing to him. 

 Some of the "little" guests that came to celebrate with us. 

Cant believe my baby is 2. We are so blessed with friends and family that love and support us, and spoil us rotten! Now I just have to go find a place for all that stuff....

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