Sunday, August 4, 2013

Other Summer Pictures and Memories

Swinging with Uncle D

We went and swam with Lilli earlier this summer.

Doesn't he look way to grown up?!!!

Reading his "Parenting" magazine, trying to give us tips.

At Judy's Castle.

They asked him where he wanted to go next. His response was, "humm, let me think". Haha!

The beautiful cousins and my boy.

Excited about his party!

He has gotten into taking our orders. Precious. And he calls the check "signing out". So when we are done he says he wants to sign out. Ha!

At Reese's 2nd Birthday Party.

Baby Ellie playing with a ball in nursery!

Griffin and Jesse ended up wearin the same shirt to school the other day. Destiny snapped this pic and sent it to me. What is Griffins face? Makes me literally laugh out loud.

Just some Saturday morning work.

Reading about Adam and Eve.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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