Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Perfect Saturday

Things have been busy around here. Pretty much since June 1st, I feel like we have been running none stop. We have packed a ton of great stuff into this summer, but I am more than ready for a return to a regular ol routine! Ha! Today finally brought some time at home. Hooray!

I was hoping to sleep in, but no such luck! Haha! Me and Griffin got up and watched "A Turtles Tale" and played. Cute movie. (Side note, my son will pretty much only watch movies with taking animals. If it doesn't have that, he is not interested.) Then we got daddy up and we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! We organized the play room and got rid of some stuff, sent some younger stuff to the attic, and sent a few things to church.

Then one of griffin's friends from school came over for a bit, Kadyn. They just played and played and had a ball. After that, we had nap time. I even partook :-)

After nap, we went and met Easton & fam at Chuy's for dinner. Yummo. Then a quick stop at Lifeway and griffins first ride on a carousel! We went grocery shopping and then home. Did a few more productive things here and then it was time for bed. I have been blogging every sense. Ha!

Goes in my book as a near perfect day!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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