Monday, April 30, 2012

Cloth Diapering: The long overdue update

Well, I just checked and I have not done a cloth diapering update since Griff was 3 months old- oops! Sorry guys that actually care! I have been meaning to for months now, but obviously writing longer or more detailed posts hasnt happened much lately. So I will try to give a quick update now, and then give you some more detailed updates soon. A few things to share about cloth diapering thus far:

  • I would never cloth diaper without a diaper sprayer (once my kid was on solids at least!). Griffin was exclusively breastfed until 6 months old, so his dirty diapers were no biggie. There was no need to rinse them out first, and he didnt have very many dirty diapers anyhow. Then we started solids and I realized I love my diaper sprayer! During our bathroom renovations, my diaper sprayer was not accessible and I was not a fan. Totally took a long break from cloth diapers, because trying the old "dunk and swoosh" method was gross and ineffective. **A diaper sprayer is a sprayer attached to your toilet that you can use to spray off the "dirty" parts of the diaper. It looks like the kitchen sink hose basically. 
  • I definitely prefer bamboo inserts to microfiber, mainly because they are so much less bulky. I would recommend buying them from (even better, buy them from an alvababy co-op group on facebook for only $1.20 each). They hold a lot and are pretty thin. 
  • I have yet to find a great nighttime solution for us. This is partially because my son still nurses at least once a night and takes in quite a bit. I will have to say that the disposable diapers seem to absorb way more at nighttime than my cloth diapers do (at least the pampers baby dry ones do). 
  • I have used some of my pre-folds and covers recently, and they are much trimmer now that Griffin is bigger. They are trimmer than the pocket diapers are. 
  • I use Tide Original powder laundry detergent on them now. The Rockin Green just did not get them clean enough I dont think. 
Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I will try to do a post soon on the fit and specific brands I have. 

But for now, what questions do you have about cloth diapers?

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