Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Bathroom Transformation- Quite Amazing!

Here is our bathroom before (pictures actually taken in 2009 so it was a little worse and definitely had more mold now):

 The tile floor was coming up, literally. A tile would stick to your foot as you tried to leave!
 The guy before us decided to add storage by inserting two medicine cabinets. But he didnt finish off the holes he knocked into the wall....
 so you saw into our walls when you opened them! 
 Doesnt everyone want some pink tile? And it wrapped the entire bathroom, not just in the shower!
 And the amazing After!!!::::

How blessed are we? Thank you a million times over to the Porter's, Broady's and Dustin for their hardwork! Especially Jeff! It is such a wonderful blessing.


  1. It looks so great, Sabrina. Fresh and clean...just like a bathroom should be. And good call on the tub insert. I always thought tile would be nice, but keeping the grout and caulking clean is such a chore. After my most recent re-grouting, I declared I'd never do it again and have become downright militant about Michael using the post-shower spray cleaner.

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah,our old tile was a mess to try and keep clean and this was so easy. With a kiddo I need all the easy I can get :-)