Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guess who is in the Ho-use?

Us us us!!! After two and a little more long weeks, we are back in our house tonight!!! The bathroom is looking amazing, but still needs some paint etc, so no pictures quite yet.

The child has slept horribly the last two weeks, probably a mixture of his first ear infection, sleeping in a pack and play every night, going to bed too late too many nights, traveling to Louisville, and just being a bad sleeper. So we really assumed that being in his own bed he would pass right out... Not quite.

He went right to sleep, but woke up and decided he would cry everytime we laid him back down. It was a loud alarming cry, and I began to worry there was something wrong. But Mr.Pate was here to gently push me into seeing that he just wanted us to hold him.

So we truly did our first ever stint of CIO tonight. One sad mommy right here. It took 45 min of crying....

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