Thursday, April 5, 2012

8 month update

We haven't had Internet at night while we have been out of the house, so I am just going to do a quick 8th month update instead of my usual one. At least it's something, right?

Weight: Griffin weighs 17 lbs 7 oz right now. (he was 15 lbs 8 oz at his 6 month checkup, so we have gained about 2lbs in 2 months, yay)

Eating: Still nursing! We have gone back to nursing/ bottles every three hours or so. We did this to see if it would help him finish his bottles at daycare, but it's still hit or miss. The kid just doesn't like to drink a whole lot from a bottle. He seems to just tide himself over till he is with momma. Oh well! He loves loves loves solids though!

Milestones: This was a huge month for Griffin! He started crawling! He got his first two teeth. And he did his first sign (more). He is also pulling up on everything. And saying "Dada"! He had his first haircut (sad day) and he went to the park and had a swing ride for the first time. It was a great month around here! In some unfortunate news, he threw his first real fit this month also.

Sleep: Griffin really improved on sleep for most of the month. He started I Loving You waking once a night and even slept thru the night two times! But he is still waking a few times on average.

This is SUCH a FUN stage!! He is babbling all the time, has a blast crawling around and pulling up on stuff, and his personality is really starting to come thru. I think we have one strong-willed child on our hands though. He has had to hear the word no now, and he is not a fan. Oh the joys of discipline! Ha!

Words do not even express how much I love being his momma. This is truly a blast! Tiring- definitely, but a blast nonetheless! Ha!

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