Thursday, May 10, 2012

This cutie

- This cutie has been taking lots of steps by himself lately! He can usually take around four or five before he loses his balance and falls. He could possible be a walker real soon.

- This cutie is on a finger foods kick and will pretty much only let me spoon feed him cereal, no veggies or fruit. He is loving peas, pears, rolls, and chicken. He has also been finishing all of his bottles at daycare! Yay!

- This cutie has really started to love books. When he was younger he never really paid any attention to me reading to him. But lately he will sit in my lap and stare at the pages and even get excited when I turn the page. Precious. Just in the last few days he had successfully learned to open the board books by themselves and turn pages. Go Griffin!

- This cutie had been babbling up a storm, and saying dada like crazy, but absolutely refuses to say mama!! Ugh! He raises his hand in a Shakespearean way while he talks quite often, it's too cute.

I am loving longer days with my boy. What a blessing he is.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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