Thursday, April 26, 2012

Starting Now....

Some friends of ours are in the process of adopting an HIV+ child from Africa. I am so glad that not only are they open about this, but they are willing to educate us on the reality of living with HIV today and how far treatment has come. I mean, I knew that it had come a long way, but I had no idea that the drugs were so effective that HIV would be undetectable in blood tests after regular ongoing treatment! Can we pause and Praise the Lord for strides like this in modern medicine?!!!

I hope you will watch this short video and just learn a thing or two. Its a scary subject, mainly because of what we were taught as elementary school kids back in the day with no modern updates. To be honest, if my friends had not started sharing and educating me, I would probably have been scared to let Griffin play with a child who was HIV+. The only way to stop that, and allow these kids (and adults who suffer as well) to a better life without being ostracized is to speak out. Teach. Spread the word.... Starting now.

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