Friday, April 27, 2012

Big Steps

My boy and I are taking big steps these days...

--- Griffin has been taking several steps this week, like actual steps people! He can stand alone pretty well, and if he has his balance he can take about four steps in a row by himself! What? Craziness!
--- Tonight I am spending my first night away from my boy since we brought him home from the nicu! I will actually be going 24 hrs without seeing him. Whew, pray for this mommy!
--- We have our youth DNOW this weekend (a youth discipleship retreat event), which is why I am away from my boy. Pray for patience and me to not be distracted but be focused on my youth girls. And for energy!!
--- Pretty sure I am getting a cold/sinus infection/ allergy attack of some sort. I woke up with a sore throat, then I started sneezing like crazy, and now I am having a runny/stuffed up nose. Fun times and great timing, right?
--- I have a giveaway in the works for ya! Woo hoo! Get excited :-) Details coming soon.
--- You doing anything fun this weekend?

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