Friday, March 30, 2012

Teary Update and Such

- Where have I been? Living in my brother-in-law's house while my house is a crazy construction zone for our new bathroom... It will all be worth it when we get to move back in and have a new, nice, mold-free bathroom though!
- Because of this, I have not been able to do Griffin's 8 month post (no Internet). So maybe I will get it done before he turns 9 months?! Ha!
- My son is always on the move now, so getting pictures of the little guy is sooo hard right now.
- And why a teary update? Because I just watched this weeks One Tree Hill. People, there is only ONE more episode of this show... EVER. Sad sad times. I am loving this season though- I is dramatic and almost more than I can take, but soooo good.
- We have an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow for church, yay!

Happy Friday people!

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  1. Griffin is such a wonderful baby. He is growing so fast. I love having him in the classroom. (He is also a blessed little man because he has such great, loving, involved parents).