Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have been walking on campus more these last two weeks, mainly because Beckys out and I have to take stuff up the hill. Anyhow, I have been seeing lots of this:

Couples all giddy and holding hands all over the place. (yes I randomly snapped a pic of one)
It takes me back...

Back to the Fall Semester of my senior year at WKU. That's when Mr.Pate and I started dating. We were so giddy and could not get enough of each other. We would be overjoyed at the opportunity to walk to class holding hands. What a sweet time.

I am finding that I love the seasons of our relationship, though they have all been so different. I loved when it was all new and we had so much anticipation over what it would become. The season if engagement was one of my favorites with the planning and investing for our future together. Life as a newlywed seemed so carefree and spontaneous. When we went through a season of hardships with job loss and health issues, we truly learned to depend on one another. Buying a house was both exciting and terrifying. And our new season of Becoming a family of three has been maybe the sweetest of all.

Seasons. The hand holding reminds of seasons. We are always excited for the start of a new season. Then we get restless and annoyed with it, and then we look back fondly at the memory of it.

I am thankful to be weathering the seasons with my man. I can imagine it any other way. So maybe tonight I will go home and be as excited to hold his hand as I was on the way to MMTH that Fall seven years ago.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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