Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cloth Diapering: Changing a Cloth Diaper

*Warning: There is poop shown in this post. 
So for some of you, you are wondering what exactly you do with a cloth diaper after you use it. I wanted to just show you. I could not actually change the diaper and video one handed, so I am picking up afterwards. Ha. Let me know if you have questions. 


  1. I love the disclaimer about poop being in the video. LOL

  2. i thought you had to wash the poo out first?

  3. Danyell- you do not have to wash out breastmilk poo bc it is so waterbased and rinses out easily. You do have to rinse out the poo when you start solids though. You can rinse them before if you want, but it has come out no prob during the rinse cycle of my laundry routine so far.

  4. Good to know! Thanks for the info!

  5. I'm not a momma, but there's something interesting about this to me. I imagine it's an uber cheap way to keep baby in diapers! :)