Tuesday, August 18, 2009

this made me laugh... hope it makes you laugh too!

So i have once again stumbled upon a new blog (yep, 61 now...  I really need a job!) And this lady is super cool. anyhow, i am just straight up copying this from her blog post bc i loved it! and so many of this ladies things are things i would say! ha! here it is for your mid tuesday enjoyment:  

Caffeinated Randomness:: Always, Sometimes, Nevah Evah

I saw this fun little ditty at a new blog I found last week called Striving for 31 - and I knew I had to do it for Caffeinated Randomness! (By the way, she means Proverbs 31, not like 31 kids or anything. That would be crazy!)


- have coffee when I read my Bible. It would be sacrilege not to!

- check what's going on in internet-land before I do my real housework.

- hate grocery shopping. And meal planning. There. I said it. (Sorry, Michelle!)

- have to have dessert, even if it's just fruit.


- don't move things when I'm cleaning. My mother would die if she knew that!

- pretend I'm getting a migraine so the kids will be quiet for 5 minutes.

- ignore the phone if I don't want to talk to whoever is calling.

- would rather have dessert for supper. But I never do.

- wish I was back in school, not because of the work, but for the fun I had!


- clean the outside of my windows. That's what rain is for.

- go to sleep with closet doors open. It freaks me out.

- eat potato salad.

- refuse chocolate. Seriously.

- say "nevah evah". But it sure would be fun to see my husband's reaction if I did. Hmmm...

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  1. super cute! and 61 isn't bad...i have 125 now w/a job!