Sunday, August 30, 2009


If you read this thing, you may notice a change. Although I loved my blog background dearly (seriously, for some reason i loved looking at that thing), it was time for a change. And I am really into the bird thing now for some reason... anyhow... hope you enjoy a change of scenery! I wish a body makeover was as easy as a blog makeover! geez!


  1. super cute! i was contemplating a change on my blog all weekend, but couldn't make a decision.

    i agree w/that last sentence!

  2. ok, so i want a blog makeover, but i'm such a loser, that i don't know how to do it!! please help!

  3. ha! emily the easiest way to get a cute background is it has direction on there. this new on i have was a little more complicated process and i am not sure i would recommend it!