Wednesday, August 19, 2009

help a brotha out!

So my dear friends the Comer's are in a photo contest! Yay! They recently went to the beach for Vaca and Comer (Justin) took a picture of a crab and entered it into a contest with the Tennessean (yay for TN!) and he totally made the top 20!! Way to go Comer! So here is where you come in, my faithful readers (whoever you may be!):

Click on the link and vote ASAP for photo #6 (the crab in the sand)! He was in 2nd place when I voted, awesome! As far as I can tell, you can only vote once per computer. So please go do this, it only takes a second and it will be totally cool if they win! There will be 2 winners: the readers choice wins $100 and the judges choice wins a trip to the Beach! 

If the link above doesnt work then try this one:

Now get to it- Quick!! Thanks! 

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