Thursday, August 13, 2009

old habits die hard

so the other day, mr.pate and i were doing one of our fav activities, browse-shopping, and i noticed a quirk of ours... we always gravitate towards the same items. there are just certain items we seem to always look at or pick up or go by the area of the store. 

so i am wondering, is this something others do? 

what are our "items of interest" you might be wondering? (or maybe you arent, but i am going to tell you anyhow!) in no particular order:

1. cool chairs (like patterned chairs)
2. ottomans
3. pub tables
4. lawn games
5. board games
6. throw pillows
7. french presses
8. art work
9. comforters
10. console tables/ sofa tables

strange assortment i know, but i just noticed that we are always looking at the same things. and the funny thing is, either  we dont need these things (chairs, sofa table, comforter) or we for some reason refuse to buy them (french press, art work). anyhow, i just thought it was a strange habit and wanted to know if any of you do this also?? do share! 


  1. i gravitate towards dishes, specifically teapots, teacups, fiestaware, and milk glass; books of all kinds, antique mirrors and trays. for some reason i rarely look at actual furniture...

  2. i probably don't browse shop as much bc its a nightmare to do that in Atlanta, you have to really want to shop to get out there on a weekend! But i think i gravitate towards, comforters (bc i had such a hard time picking out ours and as soon as I did, there were about 10 I saw I liked MORE), picture frames, area rugs, art I'll never justify buying, various candlesticks, holders and just candles in general. Oh and vases and things to put in vases fascinate me, but I only have one vase in my house! But let me say, the fact that your husband will BROWSE shop with you amazes me! I can barely get Erik to go even if I promise him we have one mission of something to buy then home, much less a day of meandering around browse shopping!

  3. PS- just buy the french press! you deserve it and its awesome! we love ours