Sunday, August 16, 2009

60... the big reveal

well since so many of you are just dying to know... well since sarah is dying to know what the 60 is:

drumroll please....

60 is the number of blogs i am now subscribed to. for some of you that might sound like a million, and for some of you that might sound like 2. for me i cant believe i have stumbled upon 60 blogs i care to read. (to be fair... there are several frugal blogs i have not given up but dont really read) and the funny thing is majority of them are just real life blogs, like people that i know blogs. 

so anyhow, it wasnt very dramatic but i just noticed it yesterday and was surprised. 


  1. haha, you made me want to go and count. i thought 60 was high, but then realized that i had 50! but i promise they are all really good and applicable to our life right now!

  2. yesterday when i was going to get groceries i though "sabrina still hasn't posted what the 60 is!" heehee. umm...i follow 122...and i read every single one every time they post! (maybe that's why my house is a wreck!)