Sunday, August 16, 2009

my weekend

i have had a fabulous weekend. it has been so long since we had a whole weekend to just do what we wanted to do, with no events to go to etc. so what did we do?

friday night we had a yummy and easy dinner from the grill at home, then mr.pate decided he really wanted to go play putt putt golf. actually he said he really wanted to go dominate me in some putt-putt golf. ha. what ended up happening? i won, as always. its funny bc i am not skilled i just always get lucky when we play. anyhow, after that we went to kohl's to browse around (i found a pair of jeans i love which my hubby refused to let me try on or buy... i mean i guess i dont have a job, whatever!). then we went to kroger and bought some chocolate milk and headed home to some tv and sleep. 

saturday we slept in! yay! then mr.pate cut grass and i did some laundry (so we were mildly productive). after that we decided to go out and browse around some of our fav stores (can you tell we enjoy this?) in search of a new trash can and a new dining room table for my mom. and then we... went to see a movie!!!! we never go to the theater, so this was a super happy treat. we have had movie gift certificates since christmas, but we just never remember to go! so anyhow, we went to see Julie & Julia- I loved it! it made me want to cook cook cook (but i got over it quick ha). after the movie we went to meet some friends for mexican and came back to our house to hang out. it was a lovely day!

and sunday. we got up and went to our sweet church, i taught my sunday school class (which actually went crazy and was not normal at all today) and then we had a great time of worship. we have had several visitors lately, which is so exciting! then it was off to lunch (small crowd today) and then home to watch juno (we rented it earlier in the week- i liked it except it is really crude) and take a nap! then tonight we played some tennis and now we are chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool (but not shooting bball...). 

i hope all of you had great weekends too!

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  1. yay for julie & julia!!! i have the book, and of course the art of french cooking as well if you ever want to borrow either. sounds like a great weekend!