Thursday, August 13, 2009

if you were stranded on a deserted island...

ok well maybe not a deserted island, but the other day i was listening to the radio and they posed a question that i thought would be interesting to pose to you guys (whoever you are, ha!). 

if you had to pick one tv show to watch for 24 hours or longer, what would you watch?

they were asking this bc some guy watched every episode of friends in a row and set a world record for longest time of watching tv or something... but i knew immediately what would be mine and wanted to hear what all of yours would be... so i want EVERYONE who reads to answer- even you Duke the "silent reader"! 

mine would be... (drumroll please)... One Tree Hill... (no surprises here).

2nd choice and close runner up: Dawson's Creek. 

Ok your turn!!! 


  1. America's Next Top Model. By no means is it quality entertainment, but it is very addicting!

  2. i know it's awful, but... desperate housewives! pretty sure i may have come close to that guy's record one week when i watched all of the first two seasons on dvd. that's like 80 hours or something! my head is currently hanging in shame...

  3. It is a tie for me between One Tree Hill & LOST!

  4. ummm...I do this all the time! my favorites are How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and Sex & the City (i's bad...) I regularly watch an entire series over a weekend, and in college I would watch the Friends series over and over and over again (we have all the DVDs). I just LOVE TV on DVD!

  5. you guys make me feel so much better about myself! ha!

    1. the nanny's voice would annoy me over a long period of time.
    2. i do like top model
    3. the housewives get too dramatic for me, but when someone turns it on i am engrossed! ha, no shame found on this blog angel- i finished 5 seasons of one tree hill in a month (thats about 30 episodes a season, which means i watched 150 episodes of the show...)
    4. LOST kelsey?? i dont not get peoples obsession with that silly show!
    5. darks, we are one in heart
    6. sarah, i totally love sex & the city... and i always say i know its bad afterwards too! ha

    thanks for weighing in peps!

  6. Duke......really Comer nowAugust 14, 2009 at 5:12 PM

    Ok i will respond.....but that is a tough one....
    Dawson's Creek, The OFFICE, Friends
    Too many to say....that is sad