Monday, March 4, 2013

Things going on around here

There are lots of different things happening around here and I keep forgetting to blog about them! So here is our lives as of late:

- Mr. Pate's last day at Starbucks was a few weeks ago! I think it's bittersweet, I mean he has been there for 5 years! He says its more like freedom. There has been a lot of change recently there, and not for the better. So I think he was just ready to be done. I will miss my coffee delivery boy at work though :-)
- For Valentines Mr.Pate got me a "brew-que" of coffee to stock me up for awhile! I will definitely miss his free mark out each week, so I am glad he got me like 15 lbs of coffee! Ha! Love him.
- He is working for Servpro & Bestway Construction doing Marketing now. I think he will be great at this.
- Griffin had some more ear infections :-(
- Mr. Pate got sick and has been hacking up his lungs.
- My sister, me and my oldest niece went to SkyPac to see A Chorus Line! It was mine and mistys fav growing up.
- Mr.Pate got me a new dryer!!! What what!! So excited to have a dryer that works. You had to run each load three times on the last one (80 min cycles too)!! That's like 4 hours a load!!!This past Saturday I was able to start and complete like 5 loads in one day. Amazing.
- My friends from college came in town and we had a girls night! It was super fun. We got dressed up (that part I didnt love, I am so not a dress up girl) and went out to eat and to hangout at a coffee shop. Watch out world- we are wild! ;-) But we really did have a blast catching up and laughing way too loud.

Ok thats all I can remember (which is totally sad). I am going to try my hardest to update more regularly again. I feel like i am missing out on documenting all types of things. And I know those of you family members that are not so close wouldnt mind it either ;-)

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