Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surgery Schmurgery

Griffin had his surgery last Friday. We were told to be at the hospital at 6:30am, and that Griffin was the second kid of the day. My dad and sister drove up and met us at our house, then we rolled out. We showed up and got our buzzer (they use a buzzer like a restaurant basically). Griffin kept looking at it and saying "broke" and "no work" because it wasn't lighting up. Haha! We didn't have to wait very long before we were called back.

We were in a small holding room with the scariest nurse ever! Mr.Pate and I both agreed this woman should not be working with kids. Anyhow, she asked a few questions, Griffin got a gown to change into (he got to leave his pants and shoes on though), and we had a tv to watch. He did remarkably well waiting in this room. We were probably in there 45 minutes or an hour. He did ask for a drink many times. For a long time we were the only people in our entire "pod" (there were like 6 rooms). Then an older man got wheeled in across the hall and that man started drinking coffee! Griffin immediately pointed and yelled "drink mommy"!

Dr.Sims (the ENT) and the anesthesiologist both came by to walk us through what would happen and see if we had any more questions. Then the team came back to get him. They all had scrubs on and the scrub net hats too. One took Griffin and he started to cry, but then he pointed to their hats and said "hat?" We said, "do you want to go get a hat like theirs buddy?" and he said "yes!" After that, he was happy to head out with them. No tears. It was way way way better than I expected! I was very thankful.

That was right around 8:05am. We waited in the lobby until 8:35am then our buzzer went off saying the doctor was calling. He let me know everything went great, Griffins adenoids were definitely much bigger than they should have been so he removed them, and Griffin would be in recovery about 30 minutes. Great. Then not even two minutes later they called for me to go sit with Griffin in recovery. He needed to be comforted.

As a hospital volunteer walked me through back hallways, I realized this was the same OR and recovery area they use for c-sections. I had been there before. And when we got to the recovery room it was like a flashback being in the long room. But this time around there were tons of people everywhere (when I had Griffin I was the only one in recovery- the only one in a huge huge huge room). I was given my pitiful baby boy and we were able to sit in a little room (as opposed to the curtain areas). Griffin was flushed and asleep basically. He had been crying but saw me and just passed out. He would occasionally wake and complain about his IV, then cuddle back in.
Eventually a recovery room opened up and we headed there to meet Mr.Pate. Griffin then slept on him for about 45 minutes. We got him to eat half a popsicle and confirmed he had a wet diaper, so we were finally able to get that IV out! Once it was out and we dressed him, Griffin perked up a bunch. And by the time we got out to the lobby he was happy and laughing.

We headed home and Griffin just ate and laughed and played with Mimi (my sister) and Peeps. I was soooo relieved and excited that he didnt seem very phased by the experience at all. He was in  a great mood and just continued on in that way the rest of the weekend. Yay!! Momma Susan stopped by to see how the boy was, and the cool kids played in their shades for a while. Now lets just hope it was worth it and it helps him not be as sick or as miserable with his allergies!

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