Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just call us the Pate Family Daycare

Something else exciting happened last Friday... my friend Lindsay had a baby! Lindsay works with me, and her oldest son is 3 weeks older than Griffin. We got to experience our whole pregnancy together, and it was super helpful to have someone right there everyday who knew what you were going through. Anyhow, I digress...
Lindsay had baby boy #2 Friday, so we got to pick up Easton and Griffin had a sleepover for the first time! Griffin calls Easton "East" and it is so cute. The boys played great together, and they played hard. No one would ever have guessed that one of those two had just had a surgery!
Mr.Pate and I were so surprised and impressed with how great the boys were. No major fits, no getting mad or jealous of each other or anything. They even slept in the same room without any fuss or keeping each other from going to sleep (disclaimer: Griffin did wake screaming at 2 am and get brought into our room, but Easton didnt even flench! wow).

Saturday morning a friend from Griffins daycare also came to join in the fun for a few hours. Yep, we had 3 kids under 2 at our house. Haha! But again, the kids played great and really were great! Keeping up with them was exhausting, but fun. Yay for a crazy weekend! haha! Just call us the Pate Family Daycare. We are accepting applications for the Fall. Haha!

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