Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clearing out those ears

For those of you who actually know Griffin and see him pretty often, you know the poor kid suffers from some pretty bad allergies. His eyes and nose are often oozing gunk. He also gets ear infections every five seconds. He is kind of a mess basically 😉. And the poor thing lives in Kentucky, where you experience all four seasons in one week. Whew.

So this past week we went to see an ENT to discuss Griffins ears. We were pretty sure they would suggest we get tubes put in. Griffin did great with the audiology test and every time the sound changed he would make a surprised face and say "oh!". It was hilarious.

The doctor came in and took one look at Griffin, who happened to be suffering from one of his eye gunk days (on these days the poor thing looks like we punched him in both eyes, it's so sad) and he said "I usually don't recommend this, but looking at how bad he suffers from allergies, I really recommend both tubes and removing the adenoids."

I wasn't expecting that one. But as he described it, it really sounded like just what Griffin needs. So Mr.Pate and I made the decision and scheduled the surgery for next Friday.

I am just a little nervous. I know it's a pretty common procedure today, and I wasn't nervous about the tubes at all. But the adenoids is a little more invasive (still a minor surgery). And I just hate to have to put my baby to sleep or him to have a breathing tube. But I am focusing on how much these will improve his everyday life. The poor kid seriously suffers constantly between his eyes, nose and ears.

So please join us in praying for a quick and safe surgery, fast recovery and effectiveness for our little guy.

Please enjoy picture from our morning appointment. Griffin and daddy decided they needed to switch hats. I think that look is great on Mr.Pate, don't you? Haha!

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