Monday, March 4, 2013

20 months!

(Or 19 months 3 weeks actually?!!!)

Time sure does fly! It has been forever since I did an update on all of Griffin's milestones and personality at this stage, but better late than never.

Griffin is almost 20 months old! Seriously the time just keeps on speeding up! As I feel like I say with all stages, this is such a fun age! Haha! He is just a hoot I tell ya. His personality is so fun to watch develop. He is smart and loves to laugh. His laughter is contagious. We are in full toddler-hood around these parts, so while things are more fun than ever, defiance is stronger than ever at times! Hehe! Here is a glimpse at our little man right now:

  • Stats: He weighs in at 22 lb 2 oz and is 32 & 1/2 inches long. 
  • Sleep: He is sleeping through the night (Praise the Lord!) with almost no interruptions. He typically goes to bed at 7:30-8pm and wakes around 6:30-6:45am. He is taking one nap a day (started around November or December with that) usually from 12-2pm (longer if at home). We had a really rough patch during January and had to CIO for a night, but after that the boy is back to being a solid sleeper.
  • Eating: Griffin is a pretty good eater. He loves cheese, milk, tomatoes, oranges, apples, beef, pretzels, and popcorn right now. He likes sauces and dips (loves Chuy's creamy jalapeƱo dip!). Loves bananas in the morning- ick!
  • Talking: He loves to talk! He is saying more and more and I love it. He says "move me" for excuse me. Precious. Haha! There are lots of little phrases that are so cute I wish I could bottle them all up to remember! Ha!
  • Signing: Griffin still signs some, but not as much now that he can say most of the words he can sign. He still signs more, all done, animals signs, and weather signs (wind, rain etc). He still signs please all the time!

    Potty Training: We are easing into potty training with Griffin. He will tell us when he needs his diaper changed usually, so we figured that's a great sign that he is close to ready. We have a potty chair and Griffin sits on it often. Fun times ahead!

    The Little Things:
    Griffin still loves to play with my hair. He hates for me to have it up and immediately says "mommy, hair, off" meaning put your hair down woman! Haha! He is all boy and he and daddy do all kinds of crazy playing that worries mommy! Ha! He loves to tackle, loves when we get his belly, and is usually great at cleaning up. He is loving coloring these days, and enjoys play dough too. He still loves loves loves to dance. He is Elmo obsessed. He has started talking about himself and calls himself "fiffin".

    When I am trying to get Griffin to listen and follow directions, I will often say, "griffin what did mommy say?" His response is "no,no,no" and then "obey". Apparently mommy says those a lot! Hahaha!

    He will now point to the floor next to him an say very forcefully, "SIT MOMMY or DADDY SIT!" So funny. He loves to go knock on glass doors and say "knock knock, hello". He loves to be chased or to hide. He likes to take his socks off and put them on his hand and use it as a sock puppet.

    We are taking him to the ENT on Thursday to be evaluated and talk about tubes. He has had quite a few ear infections, and they just don't clear up well. We are just hoping for wisdom on what is best for him.

    I can't believe this boy will be 2 years old in just four months!! Crazy!!

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