Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pre-Op Fun

Yesterday, Griffin and I went to his Pre-Op appointment at the hospital. We were told to report at 3pm to get registered and do some testing. They couldn't tell me which exact tests to expect.

Well we ended up being there from 3-5:15pm! Goodness! But Griffin did so week waiting. They weighed him, measured him, and took his oxygen level (with one of those little finger clips). That's all for testing! I was expecting blood work so I was pleasantly surprised but also felt like he didn't even really need to be present for this. After that they walked me through the procedure and I met with the anesthesiologist to ask questions. I found that very helpful and comforting. I got to ask about possible risks (mainly breathing risks but he explained the treatments for these also) and just what to expect. I really liked him and Griffin loved him.

He asked Griffin if he was always this good and Griffin happily responded Yes! Haha! It was funny.

So I am feeling good about Friday's procedure and how this will help our baby. Those of you who see him regularly, I am excited to hopefully not see such pathetic eyes and runny nose all the time, as well as him not having ear infections every other day!

Oh and today we met a man named Dan who was waiting in the lobby for his mother in law. Mr.Dan was a lifesaver! He had a whole package of cubed cheese and summer sausage and shared with Griffin! He became Griffins new BFF! Haha!

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