Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are you up for the challenge?

As I was catching up on the Bookin it in 2010 challenge, Jessica at Life as Mom shared about a challenge she was doing to read the bible in 90 days.... 90 DAYS. Thats basically three months. The entire bible in three months. Wow!

A year or two ago I read the bible in a year with my college church home, and that was a great exeperience. We read it chronologically, which was really helpful to piece things together. But a year is a long time... 365 days to be exact. And I am not sure about you, but I struggle to remember things I read a year ago.

So I stumbled upon this challenge of reading the bible in 90 days and thought, what a good way to get the full picture without forgeting half of it bc it's been so long.

Maybe I am crazy but I decided to go for it.... and I am hoping some of you will come along for the ride. I know I will need someone to keep me going around day 13, so I welcome some accountability! You can find the Reading plan here, and so far the reading is taking me 30-45 minutes total (some of which I have done all at once and some of which I did throughout the day).

What do you say, anybody up for the challenge??


  1. wow...i need to do this. but i'm scared! have you already started? i have definitely gotten out of the habit in my QTs, but considering that i'm completely re-starting my life right now, I guess it's a good time! Ok. I'm in. I'll be posting progress on my "to be a better me" blog.

  2. I have started, I just started exodus today. You can do it! I am making myself finish it before I am allowed on any social net sites, or at least that's my goal:)

  3. A worthy goal! and a big task! But...I think you got me. :) I'll try.