Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Several Book Reviews...

I have several books I have been meaning to summarize on here, but I just can't seem to find alot of time to blog these days. So here's my thoughts on a couple of recent reads:

This was such an interesting read. I loved what he taught on the importance of parents taking responsibility for their children's discipleship. He brought up great points about how today we expect "experts" at church to handle this, just like our children's teachers and sports coaches, but this is not the biblical mandate parents get from the Lord. As someone who is in ministry at a church, I fully agree with him about the dangers of this. He focuses heavily on the importance of having a family worship time daily or weekly, and I think that is awesome. He believes in "Family Integrated Churches" which actually means churches that have no age segregated ministries. The families all worship together and learn together, no youth group or nursery etc. That was a new concept for me, and its one I am still processing through. But overall the book is great and I would recommend it to any Christian.

A re-read for me, and I think its so funny because last time around I didn't really love this one that much but this time it became one of my favs! Weird. I love the sense of adventure in this one, and all the different stops on the way to "Aslan's country". It is wonderful.

Last time around this one was a fav, and while I still think its great it was not nearly as good as the Voyage was. It fell flat to me this time around.

Still my favorite I do believe. As my youth and bible study girls know, I love to ponder and wonder on what the end will be like and the "new heavens and new earth". This is Lewis' version of doing that and he does not disappoint. I always get sooo mad at the Narnian's for so easily turning against Aslan, but how often I myself have done this! He describes the afterlife they go to as the "real version" of the place you always thought was real. That clicks with me. I cant wait! Read this one people! Plus, you get to see all the great characters from the other Narnia books.

So after finishing Narnia again, I just wanted more (imagine that- I have such a compulsive personality in some ways). So I wanted to read more about the imagery in the Narnia series. This book is not one I would read again. There were good parts, but mainly this guy just took what others had said and re-said it. Oh well.

What have you been reading??


  1. I reread The Last Battle with my daughter a few months back, and I LOVED it for exactly the reasons you say. It made me look forward to Heaven as my real home!

  2. Ginger- thanks for commenting! All of the Narnia books are so full of imagery, but I think the Last Battle represents so much where we are living today. It has been so long since anyone has seen the Lord, much like in the book Aslan has not visited Narnia in a long while. And people are definitely trying to claim that all gods are the same, just like the "Tashlan" in the Last Battle. Oh but his idea of heaven just makes my heart ache for it! But I am also trying to remind myself of the people that I have got to keep sharing with so they can experience it too.

    Are you doing the Booking it Challenge too? I didnt see it on your blog.