Monday, July 12, 2010

Weeks & Love...

Its about time for a life update isnt it??

  • I didn't have to work on Monday! 
  • Sunday we celebrated the 4th with Justin's family and my nieces with a pool party. It was fabulous. 
  • Monday, Karen and Heath came to visit me! 
  • Monday night my dog busted thru the screened in porch of our sweet 80 something year old neighbor to catch a baby possum (don't worry, he didn't kill it). It was pretty funny.
  • Tuesday I went shopping (which hasn't happened in a long time) and bought a cute dress ( I know, who am I? I hate dresses), sporty swimsuit, and two shirts all real cheap at fabo TJ Maxx. What can I say, I'm just a maxxinista ; P ! 
  • Wednesday we went out into our community inviting people to VBS. I got called "the church lady", yep as in "Michelle, get out here. The church lady is here to talk to you."
  • Thursday our youth group went to the waterpark after I got off (half price after 4pm!), then to our house for a cookout and then we watch a movie in our backyard! It was awesome. 
  • Friday my work had a Golf Tournament. So I got paid to sit around and play cards most of the day. Then I went to the lake with Mel, Heather & Elizabeth! It was soooo chill and relaxing. Love love loved it so much.... and Al Mohler was definitely sharing the same dock with us. He totally yelled at his son while we were sitting there...
  • Things I loved about the Lake Trip: the sun, getting the 411 on labor from Eli, having yummy food that everyone helped cook except me (hehe), getting to eat outside in the gorgeous scenery, s'mores, talking about college memories mixed with current life happenings. 
  • Saturday I went down to TN for a wedding shower, but I first stopped by my sisters for a second. So that was lovely to get to see my cute nieces and sis & brother for a sec. 
  • Two of my friends from High School (or since Elementary school really) are getting married. So we had a "wedding shower" at a local restaurant and just hung out all night. It was sooo good to get to catch up with all of those friends. They are scattered all about and I miss them and I have not done a good job of keeping up with them. But Saturday was so comfortable and easy, I love friendships like that. 
  • Sunday, Mr.Pate's job title was officially changed from Youth Pastor to Education & Discipleship Pastor! Yay! I am so excited really just because they are acknowledging how much work he does. He is an amazing pastor and the Lord has been using Him in some amazing ways at our church. 
  • Also on Sunday, we found the bottom half of a rabbit in the workshop (which is Joey's room when we aren't home- it has a dog door to our back yard). I have no idea where the top half is but I am really hoping it is not in his belly... ewww so sorry rabbit. "He is not a tame lion dog. No but he is good".... oh wait this isn't Narnia is it?
  • We finally hired someone at my work to be the Fitness Coordinator! We have been trying to fill this position for like 7 months and I am super excited to be done with it. The new person is great too, cant wait for her to start. 
Do you see why I have not been blogging much?? Somebody hit fast forward on my life and took the remote!!! Now on to this week:
  • VBS at church! I am both excited and exhausted just thinking about it. I will be running the PreSchool program. Woo hoo.
  • Holiday World on Saturday- holla! Amusement parks are one of my favorite things ever. And ones with water parks and free drinks are even better. Plus we are taking our youth- group discount of almost 50%! That is what i am talking about people. 
  • I should probably have more- but VBS is pretty much consuming my life this week! 
Ok so whats up with you??????? 


  1. sounds awesome! and i'm a maxxinista as well ;)
    glad you're having a good time!

  2. So glad we got to hang out! I loved that you were called church lady! Excited for Justin's title change!