Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Date Jar

I pinned this idea on Pinterest at least a year ago. And then this past February Mr.Pate and I came up with a list of date ideas to put in a date jar, because we were going to focus on really getting back to a biweekly date night.... Then we got pregnant... Which meant I got super tired. So we were a no go on reinstating a regular date night. And life just happened this summer and we never got back to it.

Last weekend though, we were planning a birthday surprise for Jeanice and I decided I would make her and her new fiancé one, and of course us one while I was at it!

So I wrote all the dates out on Popsicle sticks. Pinterest has you color code them, so I kinda did that but had to use more than one color for each category. So orange and yellow are outdoor dates, blue and red are dates at home, and green are ones that take more prep time/planning etc.

Then I just glued a cute title page to the front of a mason jar and tied some ribbon to it. Easy peasy.

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