Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sprinkled with Love!

Last week, some of my lovely friends threw Grady a "Sprinkle". It was more than we needed but such a blessing! We felt very showered with love and support. Griffin called it "our baby shower" because we had just gone to Baby Eden's baby shower a few days before. He was very excited for it to be "our turn", so precious! He ended up with almost as many gifts as Grady! That kid is so well loved and spoiled by so many amazing people.

Here are some of the super cute decorations:

Gammy Becky made the banner, and it will go above Grady's crib and be embellished with all these cute animals they used as centerpieces :-)

 They even had creamy jalapeno and chips from Chuy's for me! Yummo!

 These two had a ball running around and acting silly. They even dressed alike (for 9/11) without trying! ha! There sweet friendship melts my heart.

 Little Miss was not to be left out, she holds her own with those big boys! Such a doll!
 Grady got lots of precious clothes and wonderful gifts. I forgot how small and precious newborn clothes are! So cute!!!
Haven got us this tiny shirt from Chuy's! Apparently its the first one they have sold to anyone other than staff... it figures we would be the first ones! Such a Chuy's obsessed family. Ha!
It was a wonderful night, and we feel so loved and lucky to have such amazingly supportive people in our lives. Thank you!

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