Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Fun: North Warren Fall Festival

Friday night was North Warren's Annual Fall Festival. Griffin and I were able to attend again, but unfortunately Mr.Pate had to work a Servpro event elsewhere. We definitely missed him, since he is the fun one after all :-)

A great thing about this year was that Eli & Ellie (and Morgan and Eric) were there! So the boys were thrilled to get to play together. We did get off to a rocky start, as Griffin went up to a pretty tall inflatable slide and proceeded to get scared and cry. Some older boy grabbed him and brought him down for me. So we were a bit skiddish for awhile... Oh three year olds!

But Uncle D got done at his game and he and Britt came and played with us, so things looked up. The boys were being silly before we knew it!

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