Thursday, September 25, 2014

Slowly but surely making some progress

We are slowly but surely making some progress on Grady's nursery. Tonight we actually hung a few things on the walls! We even hung something in Griffins room too.

So there is a white giraffe decal on the right, but because of the lack of great light in there you can just barely see it. Weird. We still have cute little animals that are gonna go between the letters of his name. Banner made by the awesome Gammy Becky.

If you have been around the blog much, then most of our stuff looks familiar probably. Griffin really wanted Grady to have an animal nursery that was yellow just like his was.

And we were able to hang Griffins birth announcement too!

And we got to hang his life verse also.

One little step at a time, and soon these rooms will be done!

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