Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Fun

Though we have fit a bunch into this summer, we also have several things we have been wanting to do and just haven't been able to get to with all the moving craziness. Getting up to Louisville has been one of them. So after church on Sunday, we headed up in the rain.

We had dinner with Grandma, Papaw, and Uncle Ed, then Mr.Pate and Griffin swam for a while. Griffin surprised us all with his braveness in the pool this weekend. He was all about jumping off the side, even floated some by himself and "swam" back to the steps by himself (with his puddle jumper on of course). Usually he is a little more clingy and cautious around the water. They had a ball.

This morning we got up and headed to the Zoo finally! It's our first time to visit Louisville Zoo this year, which is sad. But it was a great day for it! We had a nice breeze, and it didn't get really hot until after we left.

We finally saw a polar bear!!! We tried three times last year and never got to see one. We always ended up getting there when only brown bears were out. The polar bear was very friendly and looked like he wanted through the glass so people could pet him so bad. Ha! He looks like he is licking griffin here...

I don't know what was up, but they only had around 4 of the gorillas out, even though they have 14! Weird. This one was chillin eating a cucumber. Ha. There was one outside that came up to the glass and basically posed with a teenager, it was funny.

Griffin wanted to ride the train this time, so we did that Roche before we left. He was super tired... But contrary to this picture he did enjoy it.

We headed back to Grandmas and ended up swimming again. He was very brave again and had a blast. We grab some dinner and then headed home with a super tired 3 year old. Whew! Good to see family and finally get up there, and hope we get to do it again soon.

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