Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baby Eden's Owl Shower!

This past weekend we got to shower Haven & Bro with love and baby gifts! I did not get a single photo with people in them on my phone, but here are the decorations at least!

There were several of us planning the shower and helping. We started by having a group Pinterest board of course! That's where we got the idea for the simple but cute centerpieces. It's just scrapbook paper in a mason jar, and Susan added a fresh Gerber daisy to it. Love it.

We used her nursery decor for the main focal point. Haven's Mamaw made the quilt, and embroidered all the bibs, burp clothes, towels and onesies we hung up.

Susan made the cute banner :-)

How awesome is the cake? Nikki's aunt made it and did an amazing job! We also had cute owl individual cupcakes that were great too.

We had people sign in on thank you card envelopes so it could save Haven some writing. We also had a children's book out for people to give "wise" advice or encouragement to them, but I failed to get a pic.

Susan found these little picture frames, so we had Havens growing bump on display ;-) (and Morgan was taking care of her and my kid here, thanks girl!)

And I stole some pictures from Susan of one of the handmade quilts she got, and a view of the guests.

It was a great shower, and they got tons of great gifts. Can't wait to meet little miss Eden!!

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