Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Those Ordinary moments

Oh Fall! I dont understand why, but life just suddenly seems to slow down when Fall gets here. Maybe it's because the weather finally cools off and you can go outside without being miserable! Being outside just makes me want to breathe in every moment and Thank our great God for His creation.

I loved tonight. Nothing special. We simply ate dinner, and then played. But it is those normal
moments that I want to burn into my memory so desperately!!! Such as...

... Griffin holding the phone to his ear and jabbering away to Justin's mom. He loves talking on the phone.
.... Griffin "tackling" me and Justin in the living room floor. And thinking it was the coolest thing ever.
.... Justin and Griffin throwing the ball to Joey in the front yard.
.... Griff going to get a book and then coming and plopping down in my lap to have me read it.
... Griffin climbing in an out of his wagon.
.... His surprised face when Justin opens the garage door.

The everyday normal moments just steal my heart away. It's hard to explain, but getting to walk this journey with my boys is such a blessing. Wouldn't trade it for anything!

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