Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Things I don't want to forget

::: Griffin ate cat food for the first time this weekend :-( ha! At least we made it 13 months!
::: Going in to get Griffin in the mornings is my favorite time all day. He is always sitting up playing in his crib, and when he sees me he smiles really big an stands up quickly reaching for me. Once I pick him up, he tosses his paci into the crib and we go turn off his nightlight and sound machine. He loves to push the buttons! He always claps for himself after he successfully turns it all off. Ha!
::: Griffin can point to his tongue, nose, ear and belly when asked where they are (ex: where is your tongue griffin?).I am trying to teach eye now, but he always points to the ear when I say it, I guess bc it's an "e"? Still so cute!
::: He loves loves loves putting stuff away. He will get something out and you can say, "can you put that back?" and he actually does it and then claps! Ha! But then he may grab it again and the whole process starts over ;-) oh repetition!
::: Griff started saying "no" at the appropriate times this weekend. Glad he is beginning to use words correctly, but not glad to already be hearing no! Ha!
::: He blows kisses so well! It's cure!!! He will usually blow kisses on command, which is fun.
::: Zoey is griffins favorite thing right now. He gets so excited when she comes around. He walks around saying "eow" for meow. Melt my heart! He also loves to lay on top of her and snuggle
His face into her. She is totally not a fan of this! Ha!
::: The other day he just belly flopped onto zoey.
::: He started using a snack cup recently. They are these little cups with a top that lets you reach in to get snacks but not let them spill out. He sat on the kitchen floor playing with it and just kept turning it upside down ad shaking it. Ha!
::: He is riding on toys now and able to use his legs to make them scoot around now.
::: He loves his big jumbo Legos! And he can build with them well too!

There are so many little things or mannerisms that I want to store in my mind forever, it's so hard to remember it all!

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