Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ironic Tuesday nights

::: The last two Tuesday nights I have watched Teen Mom, and then 19 Kids and Counting. Ironic much? Haha
::: Did any of you watch the Teen Mom Finale Special tonight? I almost didn't bc stupid insight had it labeled as Teen Mom 2, so my DVR wasn't going to record (I am so not a fan of that one). My thoughts:
1. Did everyone but me know that Farrah's parents were divorced?!! I had no clue. They are always together. Weird.
2. Glad Dr.Drew asked her why she calls her dad Michael! I have always wondered! Hated her answer though. She is sooo weird.
3. I think it's weird for her to have been on a show for 4 seasons and never have shared why she really had all the anger towards her parents. Who knew?!
4. Just love Catelynn and Ty! loved when she said "look at all of the Teen Moms, no one except me and Ty are still together, and that's because the stress raising a kid when you are a kid is too much!" (paraphrased) true true.
5. I really can't wait to hear about Maci and Kyle, and get to see the interview with Dalis. Drama!
6. I hope amber is getting her life together for the sake of that adorable kid!

::: I heart the Duggars so much. I long to be as patient with griffin as they seem with theirs. Wow. 19 kids. I can't fathom 2 right now! Ha! But I love how supportive and nice they are to each one.
::: Our BBQ in the crockpot was very dry today. I had the bright idea that we needed to shred it halfway thru cooking. In my mind we could put more
BBQ sauce on it and then it would e juicy and flavorful. Instead that made it very tough meat. Fail.


  1. Farrah's parents are divorced???? what the heck!!! (are all of these episodes still on your dvr? Maybe we could watch them oct 6 :-) Why does she her dad michael?? Why is she so mad at her parents???

  2. Yeah, apparently they have been divorced for a long time. Shes angry with them because they supposedly put their careers and fighting above her and her sister when they were younger and neglected them? So her mom said she loves Michael and he loves her so they should be able to spend time together whenever they want. Apparently they are always wanting to go out and party? weird. She says she calls him michael bc she has lost respect for him, and her mom but her mom would go nuts if she called her by her name. it made no sense. and no they are not still on my dvr, but I am sure i could record a few before then! ha! and there is going to be a teen mom 3!