Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Tuesday night lowdown

Ok so you know the drill by now- I spent the night watching Teen Mom followed by the Duggars. My thoughts:

- Finding out about all this drama that has been going on the whole time with Teen Mom is straight up annoying. Weren't we supposed to be seeing real life this whole time? Then why don't we know that Maci and Kyle had drama with him talking with other girls?
- Bentley loved Kyle, so I am not buying that he didn't even mention him or ask for him. I mean really? He lived with him for like two years or something.
- Man Ryan just really seems to hate Maci. Why? I think she just reminds him of how much he sucked at being a dad in the beginning. And I thought it was so weird how one second Dalis and Maci are saying mean things and the next they are saying the other one is awesome. Confusing. Wonder how they really feel?
- Again, I feel literally sick for little Leah. Her dad is a total jerk and her mom is nuts. They are both so selfish. I just want to adopt her! She is so precious!!
- Well other than the unseen footage, it's over for these girls. Now I want to know who will be on Teen Mom 3?!! Haha
- Anna was on the Duggars talking about how much she loves being a stay at home mom. Not gonna lie- I get so jealous of what successful entrepreneurs they are!
- Anna started the episode by talking about how she tried cloth diapering (again I think?) and just isn't doing it now. Looked like she had nice diapers too. Wonder if they are just sitting there wasting away.

That's about all I got. Waiting on my cloth diapers to be done so I can hit the hay. Whew.

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