Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mr.Pate's Cousin's daughter, who was almost three, died tragically this week. She was at a neighborhood party and slipped outside without anyone noticing and drowned in their pool. There are never words to say or describe the wrongness of a child dying. Please pray for the family (Corey the dad, Lisa the Grandma, NE the grandfather and Jessie the mom).

Of course when faced with these things, my response is to thank my Lord for whatever time I have with my loved ones and savor the time all the more. So here are a few things I am thankful for this morning-

::: time playing with a happy boy on a swingset
::: the joy on my boys face when he signs "all done" correctly and he sees me smile
::: this fun stage with Griffin, yesterday we went to sams club and let him walk around some instead of staying in the cart. You would have thought we gave him a million dollars! Ha! He was sure to stop and wave at each person that passed him too. He was sooo dang cute. It's the simple times that bring me the most joy.
::: the fact that my son sleeps through the night more times than not now
::: we went to Nashville shores Thursday. Griffin thought it was a total blast! He loved walking into the spraying water things.
::: he is saying Mama more and more, finally!!!!!!
::: I am also thankful for great coworkers. I have said goodbye to several of our student workers and Graduate Assistants this summer, but I am thrilled for the new things they have going on! I really do have an awesome job.
::: I am thankful for long phone conversations with dear friends. Much overdue.
::: I am still overwhelmed and thankful for all the people that came to griffins party last week. So blessed.

Truly I am so blessed. Lord help me to praise you in the good and bad, knowing you remain good and faithful through it all!

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