Friday, July 6, 2012

11 Months Old!

My little baby is already Eleven Months!! Ahhh!! I wanted to get something written now, even though I am two weeks or more late! Griffin is such a blast these days, this is of course a fun stage (I say that about all of them! Haha).

--- He weighed 19lbs 3 oz a week ago.
--- He is wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 shoes.
--- This month we weaned. So he only nurses once a day, first thing in the morning. I love that time! I loved breastfeeding so much, it has been a great journey for us. But I am glad to be free from the pump, and not be bit anymore!! Griffin now takes four bottles of formula a day (formula smells so horrid!).
--- He is eating almost 100% table food, except for Oatmeal & yogurt (still table food I guess but I have to feed him). He loves food. Pretty much everything we give him. The only things we have found he doesn't like so far are watermelon and tomato sauce (yet he loves pizza?). His favorites this month were carrots (man he loves carrots!) and chicken. He even liked teriyaki, BBQ sauce, fish, onion dressing, and taco meat!
--- He is drinking water from a straw mostly now during each meal and throughout the day.
--- He is a walking machine. He learned to stand himself up at the beginning of this past month and now he just takes off! He is into everything and hard to keep up with for sure.
--- He can go up and down the step (just one) in our house great. He can also get himself down off the couch or bed.
--- He finally has said mama a few times, but still not many and not regularly! He can say "hi" and wave. And he kinda says "yeah" sometimes. Other than that it is all babble- but lots of it!!
--- He has his two front teeth now. They are big and have a big ol
Gap between them! Poor kid, both of his parents had the same thing. I am hoping his permanents aren't that way.... I may need to save for braces now :-)
--- He has gotten into actually sitting down and being read to this month.
--- He can "throw" a ball when told to... It's kinda like dropping it but on purpose and towards one of us! Haha
--- He can follow directions pretty well now. Examples: bring that to mama, come here, throw the ball, get the ball, etc.
--- He is sleeping much better!!! And actually sleeping thru the night. I think weaning helped a ton (wasn't trying to get mommy to come in to nurse), and we started using a blanket which he snuggles with.
--- He now will put things that look like phones (remotes etc) up to his ear and say hi. Too cute!
--- He now signs "more", "all done", "ball", "hat", and "eat".

He is just super fun to play with now. He "talks" to you and gets so excited and actually interacts with his toys. It's a little kid! Crazy! I can't believe he will be one in two weeks!! Time is just flying by. And I am loving every second of it!!!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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