Friday, July 20, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

Tonight we headed out to a Hot Rods baseball game (our minor league baseball team). It was "Health and Fitness night" so my department had a table setup to promote our programs.

It was Griffins first game! I, of course, had in my mind that we would have a blast and play in the grass and cheer and just make picture perfect memories. Reality: it was HOT and HUMID... And then suddenly a crazy storm hit and poor Mr. Pate had to run and get our car in it! While Griffin and I waited, I held tightly to a gate bc the wind was getting crazy and I started to really worry that a tornado might come thru. We made it home safely, to a powerless house! Mr. Pate quickly found every candle we own and had the house nicely lit up in no time. So we put the little one down and so far so good.

So not quite the memories I was hoping for, but a memorable might nonetheless!

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