Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Day Before ONE

::: My kid turns one tomorrow. Wow. It has been one fast year, and yet that day feels like forever ago.
::: I plan on reading over Griffins birth story tonight, so I am imagining that will be emotional. I'll let you know :-)
::: I am working on compiling all the videos I have taken of griffin this year (if you are my facebook friend then you know there are quite a few! Haha) into one. Wow it's amazing how quickly you really can forget what they were like as a tiny thing. Seeing him as a toddler everyday just totally makes me forget the early days. I feel blessed that the Lord choose this time period for me to live, where I have the luxury of video to remind me, and that he has blessed me with the resources to have things like video. The things I take for granted, geez.
::: We tried Quinoa last night for the first time. The only kind I could find at wallyworld was a roasted garlic pack. It was a strong flavor and interesting texture, but I liked it. More surprising? Griffin really liked it as well. This kid seems to like strong flavor so far, yay!!
::: Confession- when I see the word "quinoa" I pronounce it like the Greek word for fellowship "koinonia". Look them up on YouTube- they sound nothing alike. It annoys Mr. Pate. I blame it on Tommy Johnson and my tenure at the BCM... Haha

::: Anyone got some good recipes that include quinoa?

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  1. It's my cousin's food blog and she loves quinoa.