Monday, March 26, 2012

Whew... The art of a fit

Well I knew the day would come, the day when my sweet innocent little boy would showcase his rebellious sinful spirit. And now it is upon us at 8 months old. Griffin has thrown his first fit.. And a few since ;-)

So I need input STAT! Does anyone have good tips on how to handle a deliberate fit at such a young age?

Things he has thrown fits over/seem to set him off:
- diaper changes
- getting dressed
- taking something away from him
- telling him no and moving him away from somewhere he just got to that he wasn't supposed to be

We have so far been telling him no in a firm but controlled voice and squeezing his hand if needed. He never seems to acknowledge that. Ugh.



  1. Good luck. Charli went in timeout yesterday twice for yelling and throwing a fork. Fits are just part of growing up. I'd say you'd be hardpressed to find a child who hasn't thrown one. They are inevitable. I always felt bad for those kids who threw a fit out in public or wondered why the mom couldn't stop them. Then I have a child and realize, if the mom could stop them, they would. No one, including mommy, enjoys hearing a fit. It just happens. My only advice is to not overpacify to stop the fit, sometimes a fit is just necessary. If you cater to them, they'll only become more frequent as he knows he can work the game per se. :) Good luck!

  2. Oh, to handle the that age, is tricky. He can't really understand timeout at that point. We just always said no no. For a while, you just redirect them until they're old enough to understand. So yeah, good luck again. :)