Monday, March 19, 2012

Throwback Monday

Maybe we will start a new tradition around here (and a baby free one at that, wow!)? Let's start reminiscing on things from the past long forgotten. I know the usual thing is "Throwback Thursday" but lets be different shall we? This will be interactive, so start brainstorming your favorite throwbacks right now.... Mine for this week:

1. Sun-In

Remember Sun-In? You sprayed it in your hair in the sun and it lightened your hair (gave it a "sunned" look). Of course if you have dark brown hair it just turned you hair orange instead. Which I apparently thought was super cool, because I did it lots!! Haha! Anyone else use Sun In? Or just straight up bleach?

2. Physicians Formula Bronzing Powder

This was the compact with multicolored bronzing powder in it. We wore it like blush and thought it made us look so hot... Now I look back and realize I just looked fake tanned. Oh youth!

Ok, what random thing from the 80s-90s you gonna throwback to me? Most random but popular wins! Ha!


  1. Oh, man. Sun In. Reminds me of middle school for sure. In never did a thing to my hair, but it always turned Katie Arnett's so blonde and beautiful.

  2. I must have permanently used sun-in b/c my hair has been orange forever.