Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week in Review

- Monday we had "family" dinner night with Dustin over for the first time in a long time, and we all had a ball playing with our little guy!
- Tuesday, Griffin and I took dinner to daddy at work.
- Wednesday night we had church as always. Griffin cried the whole time he was in the nursery so I had to leave youth early. Poor thing was overtired and not used to the new nursery workers. Plus church is right in the middle of bedtime. Ugh.
- Thursday was a rainy gross mess. Griffin got a fever and became a snotty mess. He (and I) barely slept.
- Friday I took Griff with me to work so I could do some pressing things, and then we headed to the doctor. Stupid copays. He said Griff's fine and the congestion just has to come out. Goody!
- Saturday I cleaned like a crazy woman, then when Mr.Pate got home from work we all played for a bit. We went to lowes and then sushi! Yummo!
- Sunday we worshiped with our church family and I led girls small group. I love leading it again! Then we had lunch at the Graves' house. Mr. Pate had to work tonight, so me and Griffin went grocery shopping on our own and it was a success! He is loving sitting up in the shopping cart looking around. Then I cleaned more and stuffed diapers once the kiddo slept. Now I am headed to bed myself- I am worn out!! Whew.
- Did I mention Griffin was sick from Thursday night on? He has woken up with eyes so gunky that I am starting to see it as normal. Ugh.

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