Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Changes

Yes there are big major changes in your life when you have a kid, but there are minor ones too....

I am so behind on blog reading it isn't funny. Before Griffin if you posted to your blog I would have prob read it within a few hours of your publishing. Now I am lucky to read it a week later.

I am not a consistent blogger. Before Griff, I posted almost five or six times a week. Now I go weeks without posting. And even longer between posting anything other than pictures of my adorable son.

I never read books. Before Griff, I was not the fastest reader, but I usually read a book a month. Now they sit and taunt me for not reading them!

I rarely cook. Before Griffdaddy, I cooked usually four meals a week. Mr.Pate grilled in the warmer months, but other than that it was all me. Now Mr.Pate cooks when we eat at home, and we eat out way more.

And finally....
I look like a slob. Before the cutie, I used to actually wear stylish clothing and put myself together each day. Now I strive to put on a clean, matching outfit. That is my only requirement.

Here's to change! ;-)

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