Monday, January 10, 2011

The tooth story

So I realized that many of you might not stalk me on facebook, so you might be wondering whatever happened with my tooth ordeal last week. After waiting all morning, the specialist squeezed me in to look at my tooth. He said the tooth was very infected and would definitely need a root canal, but he couldn't get me in for one until Monday. So I had two options: 1. He could give me an antibiotic and pain meds and I could bear it out, or 2. He could do the first part today which meant drilling a hole in the tooth to let the infection out. Option two would give me pain relief, option one would give me a little but not much. Duh! Option two please!! So I had a hole drilled into my tooth and they gave me some meds.

I took the meds and went back to work. I should mention that the meds I took were hydracodine, which I happen to be allergic to. The chick at the office convinced me that it had been a long time since I tried it and I may not reall be allergic. so against the better judgement of my husband and mom, I took it.

After being a work a few minutes, I was in the back talking to my boss and a coworker. All of the sudden their voices sounded far away and the next thing I know my boss is catching me as I faint in the floor. Nice. Then they sit me down and fan me and get me water.... Ok I am not feeling so bad. Uh-oh, I got that feeling in your mouth when you know you are going to puke. Dang it! And then I did it, I threw up at work! Ick! And did I mention it was my boss's bday? Happy bday! He and my coworker were so great about it all and took great care of me, it was a blessing. Mr.Pate came and got me and brought me home.... Where I threw up more and he had to cleanup after me and wait on me! But he was so wonderful!!!

So it was a rough day. A horrid day! But once I got that medicine out of my system I was so much better. My tooth felt fine, the whole gave it so much relief! So then I basically did a bunch of warm salt water rinses and waited for today to come.

I had the rest of the root canal today and it went fine. I am just resting up now and can't chew much but that shall pass. Yay for relief! Boo for the price of dental work! Anyone want to contribute to my horrid teeth fund?? : )

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. oh my gosh--i can't believe that an office worker would try to convince you to take something that you have been known to be allergic too! that is awful! sorry that you had that ordeal, but hoping that it is all better soon!

  2. I'm happy that you got pass the pain. You're a strong girl. Did you tell your dentist about your allergy? Always make sure your dentist knows everything about you. That way, he could avoid using treatments and medicines which can worsen your condition.

    Pierre Cardan

  3. I agree with Pierre. But you were still fortunate to be freed from allergy. It is a good sign that your teeth problems got solved without any problems. You're very courageous for opting to get your tooth drilled. Way to go girl!

    Nathan Bedingfield

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  6. you are strong enough to deal with dental fear :), great !! Your story will boost other dental patient's moral, so they feel confident before visiting their dentist for their dental treatment. Best wishes to your for your root Canal :) keep smiling

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