Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh thyroid, why don't you love me so?

It has been awhile since I have done an update on my thyroid health issues, and I am sure you are all dyin to know about it! Ha!

So before I got pregnant, I was at a great place with my thyroid issues and my insulin resistance was improving. I was seeing a nurse practioner at an endocrinologist's office and loved her!! She was great. Well it just so happened that my regular 3 month visit was coming up shortly, so I would tell them then that I was preggo. I knew it would mean I would have to come more often and that my medicine doses would prob change. What I didn't expect was my beloved doctor to change! Turns out everyone at the office expect the doctor(whom I can't stand) and the office manager left! Weird and not a good sign. So my appoitment was with the new nurse practioner, a male named Blake. I was hoping for the best but knowing it prob wouldn't be good.

As I expected, he immediantly wanted to take me off of my natural thyroid meds and put me on Synthyroid. Some of you may remember how horridly I did on Synthyroid and how much I improved when we changed me over to Naturethroid. So this is not what I wanted to hear. He explained how the medicine worked and acted like I had no clue about my condition. Dude- I have been livin with this for 3 years, I know what my body needs. So our intial appointment started with me informing him that I WOULD NOT be switching medicines. Doctors never like it when you don't let them call the shots. Anyhow, that time my labs looked great and I was good to go.

Over the break I went for my next appointment and I am actually hypothyroid again (meaning I need more) which is too be expected. It seems the baby is stealing all my hormone! Ha! They say the baby will make sure they get all they need and it's you that may starve...

So we raised my dose of medicine. But Blake is so intimidated by my medicine that he had me trying to cut a tiny pill into fourths, when all he had to do was look online and see that they make a pill in that dose that I could add on to what I was taking. So I had to look that up and call him to suggest it, he really dislikes me I am sure!

So this explains why I have been like the walking dead during this pregnancy, it was pregnancy fatigue mixed with thyroid fatigue (your thyroid gives you your engergy and metabolism). Whew! I am looking forward to some energy!!

Anybody know a great endocrinologist in the Nashville area?? One that doesn't live and breathe by synthyroid?? I hate finding a new doctor! Ugh!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. I am on synthroid, it works for me. I started with it at family care dr before seeing an endocrinologist. I go to the Frist Clinic at Centennial for endocrinologist. I see the nurse practitioner more than the dr. Nurse practitioner's name is Bettina Engh. Here's the link:

  2. emily thanks for the feedback and the recommendation. I know a ton of people who do great on synthroid, i just hate that some many endocrinologists are against prescribing anything but that for the few of us whose bodies wont naturally convert that into the active thyroid hormone! i will definitely check out the office, thanks!

  3. ugh--sounds awful! i hope you find a good doc!

  4. My mom had her thyroid removed about 8 years ago, and she's got her stuff under control. BUT she's on synthroid. I can check to see who her doctor is anyway, though.