Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doctor doctor, give me the news...

We went for my 16 week check up today at my OB, and all is well. The heartbeat was strong and loud at 166. She was able to find it very quickly and on the opposite side that we found it last week, so I guess baby pate likes to move!

Our doctor was wearing a UK tie, so Mr.Pate told him we would have to get a new doctor. Ha! I am measuring right on time and everything looks good. My doctor did say that if I am already getting strong heartburn then it will probably get pretty bad by the end. So he called in a prescription for nexum and then told me to just compare the price to what I can get over the counter and get the cheapest option. I am probably going to give it a week or two before I start that just to see if I keep getting it bad.

He scheduled our next appointment for Feb 17th- and we will have the ultrasound to find out the gender (as long as baby cooperates!)!!! I can't wait!

Anyone got some good ideas for a gender reveal party? What about creative ways to tell people what you are having?

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. maybe my case was not normal, but my heartburn and indigestion were really bad towards the beginning, but then went away in the middle. It did come back a little at the end, but not NEARLY as bad as the beginning.

  2. I ate tums to the maximum amount I could. My heartburn was beyond terrible. Everyone will tell you that means you're having a kid with a lot of hair, but I hear that's an old wise-tale. Hope it gets better for you, but I had it up until the last day.

  3. Last year there were 8 girls (including me) that were pregnant at the school where I teach. Here's what one did for her gender reveal party: went to the ultrasound and told the technician NOT to tell her/her husband but write it on a paper and seal the envelope. They left there and went to a cute baby clothing store. Picked out an outfit in pink and an identical one in blue. Gave the envelope to the store clerk who took it to the back and wrapped up the appropriate color. Went home and both families came over. The mom had made cupcakes and iced them in pink and blue. The family members who attended each wore pink or blue depending on their guess for the baby and ate a cupcake the same color as their shirt. THEN they opened the box with the clothing and everyone found out together. So cute :)

  4. A friend of ours went to the doctor with her hubby and they found out. Then, they went to the bakery and had them make cupcakes with the middle blue or pink. At the party, everyone dug in at the same time to see if the middle was pink or blue, then they looked at the US pics together.